Personal Coaching

Public Speaking and Communicating with Confidence

Imagine having the tools to overcome nerves and deliver a sensational wedding speech, work presentation, business pitch.

Imagine having the techniques to motivate yourself to be your confident best.

Imagine having the tools and techniques to deliver engaging talks and presentations so that your clients, colleagues, friends remember you.

Imagine having the support of an award winning  2 times TEDx speaker, public speaking & confident communication coach and Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner who has working with hundreds of people to help them grow confidence and communication skills.

You can!  Get in touch with David Murray here for your free consultation and find out how he can support you achieve your goals.

Express to Impress Speaker Programme

Results to support your personal goals

This is for you if:
You are an entrepreneur or coach and want to use your voice to win clients or market your business.
You are business professional and want to utilise presentation and speaking skills to give you an edge over other professionals and even a boost to your career.
You want the tools and techniques for confident communication in the workplace and beyond.
You want to create and deliver compelling talks.

Outline of the Programme which can be tailored to your specific needs

Initial 2 hour face to face deep-dive session.
◦  We will use this time to deep-dive your speaking goals, call out public speaking skills you already have and those that you want to improve on.
◦  Get started with some of the fundamentals of public speaking and confident communication so that you can start practicing straight away.
◦  Set some homework so you can put into practice the techniques covered.

This initial session is be followed up by 4 weekly one hour sessions, which can be over Skype or face 2 face.
◦  These follow up sessions will be focussed around your speaking goals and areas of focus that we agree in the initial deep-dive session, and include:
◦  How to hook an audience, speech writing, connection, body language, channeling nerves to positive effect, fundamentals of delivering a targeted talk, using language techniques to connect and influence others.

At the end of each session, as long as you are happy to, you will be set homework with the aim of incorporating the techniques we cover into a talk, which you can prepare for the next session. This supports your learning and understanding of the techniques covered.

By the end of these sessions you will have created your compelling speech and or presentation, the roadmap for creating further speeches and presentations, and have the tools and techniques for confident communication that you can immediately apply in the workplace and socially.

Quick Fix Speech Support

Support tailored for you

This is for you if:
You are getting married and would like support in the preparation and delivery of the most important speech you will ever make.
You have an important speech/presentation coming up at work and want a confidence boost before the big event.
Time is running out, your big pitch/talk is looming and you want some last minute support to ensure you deliver a speech that leaves people wanting more.