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David Murray Public Speaking Success Top Tips

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So, you want to improve your public speaking skills and not sure where to start?
A speech or presentation is on the horizon and you want to make sure you do a good job?
Your fear of public speaking feels like a mountain too high to climb?
You don’t feel you can fit public speaking coaching into your busy schedule but would like to find some essential tips and techniques?

The Problem

There a many reasons why people want to develop their public speaking skills and I am sure you have yours too.
Maybe you have big dreams of speaking on a TEDx stage or conference.
Maybe you have a fear of public speaking that you want to overcome.
Maybe you have a speech or presentation to deliver and you just want to do a good job.
Whatever your reasons, public speaking is just like any other still (e.g. riding a bike), the more you do it, the better you will become.
It’s not easy knowing where to begin so you put off starting today!  There’s always next week right?

The results (impacts) of this?

◦ You head into a speech or presentation without feeling prepared. Then you don’t feel like you did a good enough job.
◦ You put off taking your first steps in overcoming your fear of public speaking. Then you don’t gain the confidence from starting your public speaking journey today.
◦ You never discover some simple tips and techniques which can help you find your public speaking success.

The solution

Let David help you with his ‘Top Tips for Public Speaking Success’.

David’s 7 essential tried and tested public speaking success top tips and techniques are distilled from coaching hundreds of people to discover their public speaking success.
These cover:
◦ Coping with nerves.
◦ What to talk about.
◦ Confident body language.
◦ How to connect with your audience.
◦ And more…
And the best thing is, they are free!

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