Public speaking for IMPACT at work

Public speaking for impact at work

Sign up – Practice techniques – Speak with confidence!

Want to cope with circle of dread. Want to get your point across online. Want to communicate with confidence at work? Bring your questions, be ready to take part and prepare to community with confidence.

About Public speaking for IMPACT at work

This 1-hour session is dynamic, fast paced and fun.
This really is a “power hour”!

You may not always get what you want at work but what if you could use effective public speaking to get your message across more effectively and sound (and feel) more confident?

Come along and join us in a supportive environment and find the confidence to

◦ speak up in meetings,
◦ learn how to structure and deliver your ideas with impact,
◦ and explore the tools and techniques to deliver presentations that have the ‘wow’ factor.

This session is highly practical, so be prepared to get involved, whatever your level of public speaking skills.

Meet your trainer

David is a confident public speaking coach. His focus is on helping people to discover their confidence through public speaking, and develop the skills needed in order for them to share their stories, ideas and get their message across more effectively.

He is an NLP and mindfulness practitioner and embeds these tools into his own practice and that of his clients.

Here’s David delivering his keynote speech at TEDx: