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Welcome to my 5 steps to public speaking success programme series.

The 5 Steps to Public Speaking Success online programme is available to buy now.  Find out more by visiting: www.davidalanmurray.com/courses/5-steps-to-public-speaking-success/

Public speaking skills will:
◦ Help you stand out and make you more visible in your organisation.
◦ Make you deliver a message with greater clarity, confidence and impact.
◦ Help you connect with people through what you say and how you say it.
And much more…

But it’s not easy knowing where to begin.
So what can happen is, you end up putting off taking action today, to realising your potential as a confident public speaker.
That’s why I wanted to show you my 5 tried and tested steps to public speaking success programme.
And help you take steps towards YOUR Public Speaking Success today.

During this programme series, I will show you my 5 tried and tested steps including;
◦ Applying techniques for coping with nerves.
◦ Recognising confident body language.
◦ Illustrating ways to engage your audience and build connection.
And more…

Are you ready to takes steps towards your public speaking success?

In today’s episode I’m going to show you Step 2 of 5 Steps to Public Speaking Success. And it’s called… “There’s loads YOU can talk about”

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