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When you are on a video conference call, attending virtual events, or connecting with people online.
It can be difficult to get your point across in the same way as you would be able to if you were meeting in person.

Looking into the camera or the screen on your computer.
Can make you feel detached from your audience, your listeners.
The people with whom you want to connect.

I wonder if you’ll agree it’s difficult to feel the same sense of connection over video conference calls.
That you would feel when you are seeing people in person.
When you think about all the confident communication skills you would use, when you’re meeting face to face.
Like eye contact, having an open posture and speaking clearly and confidently.

These can feel more challenging for you to do, when you don’t feel that same sense of connection.
As you can feel somewhat detached when you are sat at your computer.
Looking into the camera and at the faces you see on your computer screen.

Which means it can be more of a challenge to get your voice heard.
And see your message land and connect with those that you want it to.

That’s why in today’s episode I share how to communicate with confidence online – using the camera.

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