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Welcome to episode 100 of Public Speaking with me David Murray.

A BIG thank you to YOU my listeners for tuning into the show.

When I launched Public Speaking with David Murray, this was my intention.

As someone who was previously anxious about speaking in public,

I wanted to share the tools and techniques, that I have discovered and applied throughout my own confident communication journey.

These have taken me from feeling anxious about speaking in public and onto the TEDx talk stage multiple times.

I wanted to share them in order to enable YOU to communicate with confidence.

Another aspect of this show is, I interview special guests who share their own stories and talk about how communication shapes what they do and how they do it.

It’s been great to explore their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that present themselves when speaking in public.

For many, the idea of communicating to groups of people can be scary.

This is often because we believe the myths we have told ourselves that it is going to be a negative experience.

But the truth is, when you have the skills and techniques that I explore with clients in your back pocket,

speaking in public is much more likely to be a positive experience.

With this in mind, I’ve carefully selected some stand-out moments from my guest interviews, where they bust some common public speaking myths.

In today’s episode I’m celebrating one hundred episodes and busting common public speaking myths.

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