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Allow me to introduce you to this week’s guest Stephen R. Marriott. Stephen is a former investment professional and shares his deeply personal story of how he had the courage to leave the corporate world behind, went for a long walk and discovered a new life as an author and speaker.

He talks about how he coped with being ‘thrown in at the deep-end’ when he suddenly had to speak to over 100 people at the launch of his first book. Although nervous to begin with, he shares how this experience taught him that ‘he can do it’.

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Stephen’s top tips for speakers are: 1) Add stories to your talks to make them more personal, 2) Move your body and use hand gestures to enhance your talks and to ‘bring home the message’, 3) Use eye contact to make you feel more confident and bring people into your talks’.

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In the next episode I will be sharing my top tip on adding stories to your pitches, speeches and presentations.
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