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In this episode I share with you two techniques that you must incorporate into your next speech, presentation or pitch so that you ‘Start and End strong’

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I call the first technique ‘Start like this and people will want to listen’.
You want people to listen when you have put hard work into preparing your speech, or that work presentation, or even your big pitch. Am I right?

You are going to want to jump straight in and start speaking, but if you do, the listener won’t necessarily be ready to listen.
Instead, follow my 3 steps to begin your speeches, presentations & pitches, and your listener will want to hear what you have to say:
1. Start with a pause,
2. Ask your listeners a question or ask them to imagine something,
3. Pause again.

I call the second technique ‘Call to Action’.
A call to action can be added at the end of your speech and is a way of inviting your audience to take action as a consequence of the message you have delivered. This means the audience can take away positive action and helps them to remember your speech.

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