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Imagine you are at work and seeing a colleague delivering a presentation.

Imagine listening to that presentation and the speaker’s voice stays fixed at the same tone and volume throughout.
They sound bored which means you will feel bored too!

If they aren’t sounding enthusiastic about what they are saying, why should you be enthusiastic to listen?
What if this is you? What should you do when you have your opportunity to deliver your message?

Be willing to play with tone to give your listeners some joy.
If YOU ask a question, add emphasis on the YOU. The listener will feel you are talking to them?
e.g. don’t say “what would you do?’, say “what would YOU do?”

If you are using words like; passion, excitement, adventure…. Match your tone and volume with how the words are intended to make the listener feel. Say “PASSION, EXCITEMENT, ADVENTURE…”

If you play with vocal variety, you will sound more captivating, your message will be remembered and most importantly, you won’t send your audience to sleep!

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