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Allow me to introduce you to this week’s guest Carole Simb.

Carole is an entrepreneur, writer, model and experienced public speaker. 

She talks about how a career isn’t defined by only having one job.
And how she is engaged in various different professional interests that give her joy and bring a variety of skills and creativity into her life. Saying, whatever you decide to do, you must enjoy it!

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She speaks about what inspired her to want to develop her public speaking skills and shares her advice for those thinking about taking their first steps in public speaking.

Carole talks openly about her personal struggles in life and how she began writing about her experiences to help release the pain of her circumstances.
And used her story, her book, to empower woman who are experiencing their own personal struggles.

She shows us the importance of storytelling, saying you all have a story to share.  And says sharing a story is the ultimate way to connect with someone and be remembered.

Finally, she gives her formula for answering those unplanned, impromptu questions, where you are put on the spot.

Carole says ” There is a power in our words!”  Connect with Carole Simb: Web Email [email protected] Book “The Long Road to Tomorrow”

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