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Allow me to introduce you to this week’s guest Cory Beckwith.

Cory is a teaching and research technician, a laboratory manager in a pharmacy college and a lover of music and science.

He talks about his interesting work in the field of pharmacognosy, which is the study of plants for use in medicinal drugs. Cory tells how he fell into his line of work by chance and how much joy it gives him.

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In Cory’s line of work, he prepares and runs classes for undergraduates and MSc students. Which can be anything up to 50 people. With this in mind Cory shares his top tips for coaches thinking about running effective learnings sessions when there is a large number of people attending.

He shows us how to deal with difficult questions asked by attendees and how to cope when you don’t have the answer.

He shares his advise to anyone thinking of speaking to a group, whether that be coaches running group sessions or people wanting to share their message through public speaking. And says “it is important to enjoy what you are doing”.

He shares a great top tip for anyone who gets nervous before speaking to a group. And finally he talks about the keys ingredients for being a good communicator and says “research your subject, know your audience and focus on your message”.

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