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Allow me to introduce you to this week’s guest Sandra Thompson.

Sandra runs a business that helps companies improve their customers’ experiences, she lectures at a business school in London, and right now she’s on a learning journey of her own, developing a deep understanding of emotional intelligence

She describes emotional intelligence as your ability to understand and manage your own emotion, and your ability to relate and understand the emotion of others. Sandra says this essentially means being content in yourself and having fabulous relationships with people at work and at home.

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Sandra talks about the importance of emotional intelligence for organisations in terms of 1) the interface between customers and staff, 2) enabling different parts of the business to work more effectively together, 3) leaders encouraging positive behaviours within the organisation. And says emotional intelligence is about “understanding how you feel and understanding how other people feel, to get the best result for everyone”.

How many meetings have you organised, or participated in where you see people who aren’t engaged, or are being distracted by their laptops or phones? With this in mind, Sandra gives her top tips for using emotional intelligence to run effective meetings in the workplace.

At a personal level, Sandra shows us how being emotionally intelligent can help us to have a better awareness of ourselves and also see what happens in others (e.g. through body language, eye contact). And how this can help us to have better relationships with everyone.

Sandra shares her top tips for managers wanting to positively influence their workforce, people wanting to have better conversations with friends and relatives, and how to apply the skills of emotional intelligence right now!

Sandra says; ”when you think about how automated life is becoming, this need to know yourself and others seems to be even more important!”

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